2018 Delegates

These delegates will be representing all of the registered Democrats in Los Alamos County at the State Pre-primary Convention to be held on Saturday, March 10th. Our four State Central Committee members are automatic delegates and are indicated by (SCC) next to their names.

The purpose of the pre-primary convention is to vote for state-wide candidates. The number of votes for each candidate determines their placement on the primary ballot.  Primary candidates who do not receive at least 20% of the vote at the State Pre-primary Convention are required to obtain additional nominating signatures in order to qualify for placement on the primary ballot.

Karyl Ann Armbruster

Edward Birnbaum

Thomas Bowles

Molly Cernicek

Christine Chandler

Joseph D'Anna

Philip Gursky

Grant Harding (SCC)

David Izraelevitz

Donald Jones

Naishing Key

Marco Lucero

Ellen Mills

Kelly Myers

Michael Redondo (SCC)

Shelby Redondo

David Schiferl

Robyn Schultz (SCC)

Amy Storey (SCC)

Eric Vasquez

Carrie Walker


These alternate Delegates can serve as a delegate if a Los Alamos County delegate is unable to attend the convention. 

Sandra Lucero

Judith Bjarke-Mckenzie

Sara Scott

Neal Martin

Catherine Ozment

Peggy Sullivan

James Van Sickle

George Chandler

Betty Gunther

Laura Liles

Tom McCrory

Whitney Muziani-Holland

Rodney Roberson

Jeffrey Wauson








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