Primary Issues Fundraiser

DPLAC will hold a forum for candidates on April 20, 7pm, on Zoom. As an innovative fundraiser, we are asking local Dems to donate to show which issues they want to hear Council candidates address during the primary.

Phase 1: Solicit additional ideas for local issues.  Thank you to those who participated! 

Phase 2: First-round elimination in form of a survey to narrow it down to 6-8 topics for donation voting.  Winners: Small Business, User Groups, Economic Development, Affordable Housing, Transparency, and Broadband.  Thanks to those who participated!

***Phase 3: Donations through ActBlue! Click here:


People will donate in $5 increments by "buying a ticket" for their issue(s). When donations close, the issue with the highest dollar amount raised and the issue with the most unique donors will be guaranteed to be addressed at the candidate forum on April 20 via Zoom. If the same question meets both criteria, the issue with the second highest number of unique donors will also be addressed.

All donations are final, regardless of the results of the contest!

Unfortunately, our platform cannot display the results in real time. Instead, the leaderboard will be updated here and on ActBlue.  Most recent:


The race is almost over, and so far only a handful of people will decide this--what do you want to hear candidates's views on?

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