Next Meeting

Monday, Aug 12th 6:30pm

UNM-LA Building 5

Speaker Ellen Ben-Naim, LAPS School Board

Topics - School Board, Proposed Bond, Upcoming Elections


The Only One

Polaris Charter Middle School Input Hearing

Tues, July 16th, 1:30pm UNM-LA Building 2


The Charter School Division will present their findings, the School will explain what they have proposed, and the Public Education Commissioners (PEC) will ask questions.


You do not have to talk, but you are welcome to do so…positively or negatively. This is your opportunity to see what it is all about and educate yourself.  The entire community and surrounding communities are welcome to attend.  Polaris will be a public school chartered by the PEC. That means anyone is able to attend. 



Drinks With Dems

  1st Saturday of the Month

Next One August 3rd, 4pm - 6pm

Bathtub Row, First Drink Is On Us