Next Meeting

Monday, October 14th 6:30pm

UNM-LA Building 5


2019 Essay Contest

Prize $250

All Persons 18 years of age or younger who reside in,

or attend school in Los Alamos County,

are eligible to participate.

Essay Contest Rules
The rules for contestants are very basic:

• Focus on the topic statement.
• Submit your essay on time (deadline on September 30th).
• Be original. You can discuss your ideas with others, but don't transcribe

   somebody else's perspective as your own.
• Citations are good; Plagiarism is bad.
• Please use whatever references you can find to bolster your case.
• There’s no right answer. Essays can be for or against the proposed reform.
• Be bold and authentic in your writing.
• Enjoy the experience.


We really mean that last point. We look forward to reading these essays because we like knowing that smart young people are out there thinking about our future and the world we want to build. Of course, we want you to do a good job and that takes some effort, but our hope is that this is an opportunity to take a stand, be heard, and feel good about it.

Official Student Guide click HERE

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Friday, October 11th 7:30pm

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