We had AMAZING turnout at the County Convention on Sunday, February 25th.

Congratulations to all of the delegates who were elected.

For a list of delegates and more information on the delegate process, click on "2018 Delegates" at the top of the page





Upcoming Events

Sat, Mar 10th          State Pre-Primary Convention

Mon, Mar 12th        Meeting at UNM-LA 6:30pm

Mon, Apr 9th          Meeting at UNM-LA 6:30pm

Mon, May 14th       Meeting at UNM-LA 6:30pm 

Sun, May 20th        7th Annual JFK Dinner  5:30pm

Mon, Jun 11th        Meeting at UNM-LA 6:30pm 

       mid-July          2018 DPLAC Headquarters opening



For more information on the State Platform which will be voted on at the State Pre-Primary Convention. Here is a link to the DPNM Platform & Resolutions webpage:

Platform & Resolutions Committee