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    Candidate Campaign Events



    Information for Candidates:

    Please submit details of your event, including date, time, and location (or a flyer that is an image not a PDF), exactly as you would like them to appear on the website at least 72 hours before you would like the information posted. Please email details to,

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    About Us

    The Los Alamos Democratic Party Meets the 2nd Monday of Every Month on the UNM-LA Campus, Building 5 or 6.


    Minutes for the Monthly Meetings can be found HERE 

    County Party Rules can be found HERE


    County Party Officers -         


      County Chair - Cat Ozment (

      County Vice-Chair - Cam Counters

      County Treasurer - Leslie Hanson

      County Secretary - Rebecca Chaiken


    Wards -


      There are three Wards - A, B, and C. 


      Ward A Chair - David Schiferl (

      Ward A Vice- Chair - Tom Bowles


      Ward B Chair - Neal Martin

      Ward B Vice-Chair - Tina DeYoe


      Ward C Chair - Kyle Wheeler

      Ward C Vice-Chair - Janice Trujillo


    State Central Committee Members -


      Phil Gursky

      Whitney Holland

      Carrie Walker

      Tom Bowles


    The Democratic County Central Committee (CCC) is the Party Leadership Team.  This team is comprised of four county-level officers and delegates representing the three Wards in Los Alamos County.  The number of delegates for each Ward is determined by Democratic voter turnout in the most recent election.


    At the County Convention, held in odd-numbered years, the party elects Ward Delegates, party Chair and Vice-Chair, and State Central Committee (SCC) Members to serve two-year terms.  Wards first elect their representatives to the CCC, who then vote for party officers.  Each Ward has a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Delegates.  Outgoing party officers and certain elected officials also vote for the new party leadership.


    The CCC elects the party Chair, Vice-Chair, and four additional members for the SCC.  According to state party rules, county-level officials and SCC must have gender parity.



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    If you would like to attend the 2020 Democratic Party of NM Legislative Dinner on January 23, tickets are $75 each. A non-refundable payment is required to reserve a space but if you will be unable to attend please notify ASAP. 


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    Volunteers win elections.

    We'd love to have you join us any time of the year; there is a role for everyone!


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