Republican Lisa Shin's deceptive campaign materials

Lisa Shin, Republican for House Seat 43 has repeatedly attempted to mislead voters with her unsupported statements, repetition of lies that are countered in news stories, and make-believe news mailers. Because she is sending these mailers to Democratic households and placing them in small papers, it has been suggested that the mailers are an attempt to suppress the vote this year. Don't let her take your vote!

The Santa Fe Reporter endorsed Democrat Christine Chandler for House Seat 43 and had this to say:

This House district is one that's leaned Republican, and we were interested to hear from the GOP candidate also on the ballot—but Lisa Shin didn't want to make the trip all the way to Santa Fe. She doesn't have a record of public service to speak of, except for advocacy against a Los Alamos parks bond proposal and as a delegate at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland who made a speech in favor of Donald Trump. She made a mock newspaper as a direct mail advertisement that was so close to the appearance of the masthead of the Los Alamos Daily Post that the paper's editor had to issue a disclaimer. Talk about fake news.

The Los Alamos Daily Post issued a disclaimer due to Shin's "Los Alamos Post" mailers and advertisements in local small papers. While voters may recognize the difference in the fake and real newspapers, outlying districts who are not familiar with Lisa Shin's notoriety may not. This may be what Lisa Shin in counting on. Here is the disclaimer.

The Los Alamos Reporter has written two stories on Lisa's deceptive mailers and outright lies. Lisa only had "compliant with elections law" to say for herself. 

Her most recent mailer regarding the RCLC is patently FALSE as reconfirmed by officials.

In that same article, Shin's attempts to imply that she received the endorsement of UPTE a LANL union are exposed. The local had to issue a statement disavowing this total fabrication. We point out that that Christine has received the endorsement of UPTE's umbrella organization, the NM Federation of Labor. 

It should come as no surprise that the founder of Korean Americans for Trump is very similar to her hero with faux news and misstatements.

Reject her these attempts to suppress your votes with her negativity and vote for Christine!